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Service Areas

The inclusion of key consultants with long standing cognate experience from the Universities and Research Institutes in the THERMOSTEEL team permits the company to retain the services of leaders in the various fields and thus, maintain a leading edge in providing high quality services to private and public corporations (particularly the oil and gas industry).

Water Related Services

Oil-field water analysis

Routine, injection, cooling and boiler water analysis

Effluent water analysis

Portable water analysisSwimming pool water (Treatment, analysis & Maintenance)

Treated water analysis

Analysis of recipient water body

Biological and microbiological analysis

Gas Analysis

Hydrogen and water dew point

Carbon dioxide and Hydrogen sulphide content

Specific gravity

Molecular weight

Heating value

Compositional analysis

Soil Related Services

 Soil fertility test

General organic analysis

Toxicological testing, Bio-accumulation and Biodegradability

Biological monitoring of effluent and chemicals

Bio-accumulation studies

Biodegradability potentials of oilfield chemicals

Bio-remediation of oil-polluted sites

Oil Related Services

Crude oil/petroleum product analysis

Crude oil assay and characteristics

Petroleum product analysis for quality control

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. That is what we offer at TNL.


Metals/Trace Metals Analysis

Perkin Elmer AA-6701 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Spectro Ciros Vision OES Spectrophotometer (ICP)

Water Quality

Surface Water

Ground Water

Portability Tests

Gas Aanlysis

Dani GC Systems

Co-Co2 Analyzers

Natural Gas Analyzers


Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Hach DR 3000 Spectrophotometer

UV Spectrophotometer

Crude/Petroleum Analysis

Cloud & Pour point, Dew Point

Distillation Apparatus, Kinematic Viscosity

Salt in Crude, Flash Tester

Organics Analysis

DANI GC Master with Autosampler, HP 5890

SRI/8601C, Varian GC FID

Varian GC/MS 3800, Bulk TPH Analyser